Accessing Google Classroom

This year, we will be using Google Classrooms to administer our curriculum. This service allows us to share homework and assignments with both students and parents alike.

Additionally, for math, we’re continuing to use SplashLearn to supplement our teachings.

How to access Google Classroom

  1. Each subject and grade is assigned a “Class Code” which you can find in the table below. Copy the code.
  2. Login to GMail using the student email addresses ( provided at the beginning of the year. Parents, this email is to be shared between you and your child to access the classroom content. Please make sure you have access and are monitoring not only your child’s school work but also his/her activity using the email.
  3. Go to or use Google Apps to launch the site.
  4. If you don’t see any classes, click on “Join Class”
  5. Paste the class code you copied from the table and click “Join” at the top right.
  6. The class is now added. If you face any problems please contact the administrator at
  7. To add more classes/subjects, click the “+” icon on the top right and copy/paste the class code from the table below.