Welcome to Al-Huda Academy

…and welcome home.

Our community of teachers, students, parents and administrators work together to create a loving, caring community that honors every child and every family. With the Help of Allah SWT and the Support of the Muslim Community, Al-Huda Academy was founded in 2009 by the Raleigh-Durham Chapter of the Muslim American Society, in collaboration with Jamaat Ibad Ar-Rahman, Durham.

“O my Lord! Increase me in my knowledge!” – Qur’an, 20:114

Secular Education

Al-Huda Academy follows Common Core Standards & North Carolina Standard course of study for Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Health and Physical Education.

Arabic Language

Arabic language is taught by native Arabic speakers and exclusively in Arabic. Utilizing games, activities and crafts to help develop Arabic proficiency, teachers do not speak English during instruction.

Quran & Islamic Studies

The goal of our Islamic and Quran Studies department is to create a love of Islam. Concepts are explained in relation to students’ daily lives allowing them to view Islam as a practical way of living.


Al-Huda Academy seeks to enrich our student’s core education with the opportunity to explore subjects such as technology, gardening, team sports and art.

  • Islamic Environment

  • Common Core Standards

  • Positive learning environment

  • Friendly and welcoming

  • Child-centered learning

  • Committed community

  • Dedicated teachers

  • Complete testing and reporting

  • Honors every child

  • Small-class settings